Services & Quotes

Strolling –


Probably Dennis Forel at his best!  With more than 35 years of experience, large or small, from the most intimate of diner parties to the outdoor excitement of a county fair this is where Dennis Forel is in his element. 


Besides his repertoire of over a hundred different animals Dennis has stories to go along with just about all of them. It’s like being entertained by a magician and getting a party favor to take home all at the same time.


Stage –


Be it a ten minute show to a 45 minute performance this is Dennis Forel at his most entertaining!  From a 500 seat auditorium to the small stage of a night club to a private living room and every venue in between, whether it be a corporate fundraiser, a school show, a library, or festival stage this is the setting where Dennis makes balloon animals, tells stories and above all else, creates inflatable happiness!


Combination –


The best of both worlds, from the intimacy of watching balloon animals being sculpted before your very eyes to the fun of watching and listening to the stories that go along with them in a group setting.


Other stuff Dennis does –


Master of Ceremonies – Whether one of his own productions or an event where he is brought in, Dennis Forel understands the importance of keeping the show flowing and moving.


VOE/VOF (Voice of the Event – Voice of the Fair) – From county fairs to corporate picnics Dennis is that voice that comes over the loud speaker that informs your guests what events are about to take place.


Pronouncer – Every entertainer has another job and this is Dennis’, for more than 25 years he has been going to fairs and shopping center to say the words at Spelling Bees.


Pennyfarthing  Bicycle – Did we mention that Dennis Forel rides an Old Fashioned Turn-of-the-Century style bicycle?



Quotes –


Thanks for making us look good!

Jim Spencer

Spencer/Lorraine Entertainment


How could I not have my favorite balloon sculptor for this event!

Douglas C. O’Brien

Shopping Center Manager


You are really the best “Balloon Man” I have ever seen.

Dorothy Nichols

Charter Oak Library


The balloon man triumphs again!  Our guests raved about you all evening.

Laura F. Cook

Cal State University, Los Angeles


The way you worked the audience was magnificent.  Your presentation was even better than I had anticipated.

Richard A. Weiss

Viking Office Products


You’re good, you’re very good!

Dai Vernon